Meet Julie

Resilience and Wellness Specialist 

Having survived many of life’s challenges herself, Julie’s compassion, warmth and generosity of spirit are an integral part of who she is and infuse her coaching and workshops.

Julie has over 25 years in the health industry as a Registered Nurse and Midwife, trained in Transpersonal Counselling and is a internationally qualified Master Practitioner of Neuro-linguistic Psychology and behavioural coach specialising in stress and resiliency.

Julie brings a wealth of experience along with a powerful and passionate understanding of the effect that the speed and complexities of modern day life and business create on our minds and bodies.

Julie is the founder of Resiliency for Life and Your Vibrant Life which focus’s on mentoring and coaching programs and workshops in the areas of personal excellence, stress, resiliency, creativity, wellness and life balance.


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Malaysia photo 2.jpg

Julie speaking at the NZ National Speakers event, Auckland , NZ. Photo with Nhahi- Maori inspirational speaker.

Running workshops in Kuala Lumpar, Malaysia.


Having worked in women’s health and wellbeing for most of her career, Julie understands what is important – self care and prioritising time for yourself and understanding whats really important to you.

Julie is approachable, enthusiastic and a great communicator, with a passion for helping women achieve vibrancy, wellness and balance in their lives.

When Julie is not coaching and training, she loves to get outdoors, gardening, hiking, walking on the beach and just enjoying being in nature.

Meditation and mindfulness are also important daily rituals. This is Julie's way of de-stresssing and being in a place of peace and contentment and feeling connected to herself.

Another important aspect is to prioritise time to to have fun and create your vibrant life, which Julie does through creative projects -painting, textiles-dressmaking and quilting and playing with colour. 

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Julie with the International Director of Success Motivation Institute, celebrating at the World SMI convention.

Attending and speaking at the world convention as WA SMI Director in Cardiz, Spain.