Coaching & Training

Julie offers strategies to help groups, individuals, teams and businesses take control of their lives and realise whats important to them.  

Julie's coaching offers:

  • What’s most important to you in your life.

  • Designing a plan to achieve those things.

  • Working together to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way.

  • Developing strategies to create a positive mindset.

  • Celebrating your achievements.

Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

  • Do you know what your business and personal goals are?

  • Do you have a clear plan of action and time frame to achieve them?

  • Do you have a clear vision for the next 12 months and beyond?

  • Is stress and pressure in your professional life having a negative impact on your life?


  • You will surround yourself with focused and committed peers.

  • You will learn new goal-setting, action planning, stress management and resiliency techniques to ensure ongoing motivation and success.

  • You will gain motivation and inspiration from coaching and group support.

  • You will create accountability so your to-do’s get actioned.

Throughout this powerful six week program you will:

  • Determine your life and business purpose and mission.

  • Set a clear vision for what you want to achieve.

  • Define purposeful and realistic goals in all areas of your life that get results and a balance in your life.

  • Create a simple and powerful goal action plan.

  • Eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way.

  • Learn how to track your progress and implement tracking tools.

  • Maintain the motivation, focus and commitment towards achieving your goals.

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These personalised programs teach you practical ways to transform your relationships, health, emotions, finances and your life to build resilience to stress through goal setting, prioritising, time management and personal communication skills.

We specialise in educating you in the skills of resiliency, how to bounce back quickly from the everyday challenges of life, as well as teach you how to reprogram your thinking to achieve the results you want. The strategies, tools and personal resources you will discover and use in this program are designed to empower you to not only discover what it is you want most in your life, but also how to achieve it and experience more fulfilment and happiness than you thought possible.

Personal empowerment coaching offers you:

  • Julie will help you discover what’s really most important to you in your life.

  • Design a plan to achieve those things.

  • Work with you to eliminate any obstacles or blocks that stand in your way.

  • Partner with you all the way to success.

  • Celebrate your achievements.

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"My experience with Julie's group coaching has been invaluable and inspiring. Her relaxed and non-judgemental style along with her realistic strategies and insights, created and environment where participants felt comfortable yet excited to make changes. I have regained my sense of purpose and positivity, through which I will aspire, achieve and thrive along life's jounrey."

- Liz

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“Working with Julie allowed me to make tangible progress in my goals
setting process. Julie is an excellent facilitator and carefully balanced
individual, she creates a disciplined approach and she truly cares about each client’s progress.”

- Anthony Tornatora, Financial Wisdom