What causes your happiness?

Updated: Jun 8

Do you really want to know the secret to happiness?

We are all eagerly wanting to know that magic formula – the emerging theme from many of our experts was this – it’s in your “daily practice“.

If your thinking this is a strange question, it may be, however it has been the theme this month as I have been in Sydney attending the “Happiness and its Causes Conference”.

Transforming to a place of peace, happiness and contentment is determined by what we do on a daily basis. Starting each day in a relaxed way, being mindful, choosing not to engage in negative thinking, being grateful and compassionate.

What would you do differently if you were living to your highest potential and feeling happy and content in life?

Let me share with you a few key concepts and wisdoms from some of our leaders in this field:

Professor Barbara Fredrickson a psychologist and a leading scholar within social psychology, affective science (the study of emotion), and positive psychology.

Barbara’s tips to creating new wellness behaviours each day –

  1. Be mindful of people and events and saviour the enjoyment of that

  2. Practice compassion for self and others

  3. Be open to what the current moment offers – choose healthy attitudes daily

  4. Be curious – what’s the others persons perspective

  5. Be kind, be of service and think how can I help others around me

  6. Be appreciative – appreciate and express your appreciation

  7. Be real – be your authentic self

Russ Harris psychologist and author of the “Happiness Trap” Russ reminds us not to get caught in the happiness trap that leads us to believe that we should strive to always feel happy. He says that to live a full rich human life we need to feel all emotions and it is normal to experience the ups and the downs of life and the full range of emotions that are a part of that. There were so many insights I will continue to share.

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