Time is a state of mind

If you have been feeling “life is so busy, and there is never enough time in a day”, its time to look at how you are prioritizing your days.

Remembering that “attitude is everything” , so if we feel busy in our head that will be reflected in our outer life.

That gift is 24 hours of time that you can spend however you choose for profit or for pleasure. Effective time organisation provides no additional time, but it produces multiple benefits by helping you become aware of the time you maybe wasting so that you may use it more effectively. I believe the most important objective of time organisation is to live a full and meaningful life in the present, by learning from the lessons of yesterday, and planning with positive expectation for tomorrow. You control your own time, therefore to maintain a balance in life it is important to be very clear where you are going in life, have a vision and specific goals of how you are going to get there. A few tips to be effective with your time:

  • Evaluate how you’re spending your time. Keep a diary of everything you do for three days to determine how you’re spending your time

  • Become clear whats really important in your life and prioritise your time with that in mind.

  • Have a clear vision for where you are going in your life and set purpose orientated life goals.

  • Keep your professional and personal schedules and priorities manageable and doable

  • At the beginning of each week prioritise the most important activities into your diary, ensuring this includes family time and time for yourself and fun activities

  • Learn to say no to nonessential tasks– Ask yourself, “Is this the wisest and best use of my time right now?”

  • And most important, have fun everyday!

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